About Pablo Rodriguez, Jr

Pablo recently donated three extraordinary oil paintings to the Idaho Black History Museum and the Idaho Human Rights Education Center. These portraits of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Anne Frank and Mother Theresa are grand and powerful works that illustrate the compassion, diligence and commitment to improving humanity that each of these remarkable people embodied. These paintings, along with a number of others created by this amazing artist, will be on display during the reception. Other works on display will include Darfur, The March on Selma, Victory Kiss, Jimmy, and The Four Panels of Clove.

Pablo was born in Sweetwater, TX, and raised near Burley, Idaho. He graduated from high school in 1987 and since then, has obtained his Associates Degree in Applied Arts from the Art Institute of Seattle and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts at Boise State University and is also working on his paralegal certificate. Pablo has had his works displayed at a number of venues including the Basement Gallery, the Boise Café and the Veterans Memorial Hospital to name a few.

Shortly after high school, Pablo joined the Marine Corps. He spent four years serving his country, including a tour of duty in Desert Storm. Much of Pablo’s early work was created as a search for meaning after his time spent in the military. Even with the therapeutic creative output, he realized that forgetting was not as easy as he had hoped. Soon, he came to realize that his struggle was less about understanding his experiences and more about his own inner turmoil. Much of Pablo’s work during this period was fueled by his fight for stability. He began to seek out and create works around people and events that have had a profound effect on history. These people, including Dr. King, overcame not only personal tribulations, but also physical and psychological assaults from the public. They persevered through the worst possible conditions, because they envisioned a better life for all people. Their personal journeys have been a tremendous inspiration for Pablo. These pieces were deliberately created on canvasses 6’ x 4.5’ to emphasize the large personalities and the larger than life historical figures they now represent.

Pablo has donated several of his paintings to various organizations including the Idaho Black History Museum, the Idaho Human Rights Education Center and the Idaho Military History Museum. These donations were made based on his desire to share the same “cathartic cleansing” he experienced while creating these pieces. Pablo’s hope is to inspire others with the same vision he was able to obtain as he thought about the life and work of these truly inspirational figures.

Pablo is now ready to move to a new level of painting. “Although I continue to find inspiration from Dr. King, Mother Theresa and Anne Frank,” Pablo said, “I now also find inspiration in the life God has granted me and the blessings I receive every day from my beautiful wife and two amazing boys”

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