Black in America: A Conversation with children

A discussion that is often difficult to frame. Here you will find a comic to read with your children about the history on Blacks in America. Also a few questions to help frame the conversation.

Blacks arrived in America as slaves. Chattle slavery, unlike indentured servitude, was a dehumanizing brutal institution. Blacks were not seen as people, instead they were property without any human rights. When slavery ended systems were created to control, incarcerate, and kill Blacks. Institutions were established to disempower and terrorize Blacks. 


Disempower: make (a person or group) less powerful or confident

Terrorize: create and maintain a state of extreme fear and distress in (someone); fill with terror

Key Concept: "Apathy in the face of transgression is complicitous" -  doing nothing when some is being attacked is equally wrong. Doing nothing helps those committing acts of evil. 

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