IBHM Comic Series

3/5th Compromise

A graphic novel teaching Black World history. A 9 year old girl’s journey into learning her history. Those who learn it unleash a lesser known, untapped power. Under her grandmother’s tutelage she is taught the “wisdom of the elders,” while her father instills in her “we learn to endure by enduring,” prepping her for the conflict with those intent on keeping her from obtaining the power that comes this esoteric knowledge. A battle that has waged for centuries.

Letter to my daughter

I have toiled with how to both appropriately educate, prepare you for the deplorable acts of aggression awaiting you as a young Black woman.

The uniqueness of your name, your “ethnically ambiguous” appearance may provide you with cover until they come to the realization that your father and forefathers are in fact unapologetically Black.

The Conversation

For the little people, and their parents too

Black Word History – More than the descendants of slaves in America

Kindle graphic novel for teaching children. With simple study guide for conversation with kids.
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